Traditional education does not teach financial literacy

Our Mission Statement:

"Creating a new generation of highly productive, financially literate individuals".

By educating financial literacy for a fair price. Traditional education does not teach this. We live in a tough world where financial education is getting more important and the need to manage personal finances is rising.

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Mammoth's signature Financial Independence Course

Your Financial Independence Journey


This is a high-level overview of our course materials. We kick-off with an introduction of the course before we continue with the lessons (see points 1-4):

1. The Financial Position

It is important to start with your financial position, this is the base for the future. Together we look at how financial statements work and your personal situation. You learn what assets are and why they are important for your financial independence.

2. Optimization

After the financial position, we dive into optimizing your costs and income streams. This way we help you budget as much as possible for accumulating assets/investments.

3. Investing

How to make your money work for you: (1) investment strategy and (2) which assets to accumulate in order to boost your financial independence journey.

4. Mindset

Mindset and path, in the last part we wrap up what we've seen so far and we discuss non-financial ideas in order to help you on your path towards financial freedom.

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We help you succeed

The course structure - financial position, optimization, investing and mindset - is designed to walk you through all important aspects of achieving financial freedom. We teach you what you need to know + how to implement the knowledge.

  • We are proud of what we have created. University-level materials simplified and understandable for everyone, including you.
  • Our content consists of videos, theory, exercises, templates and more. This way we make our materials both engaging and easy to follow.

Start your journey towards financial freedom now. Decide your future.

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  • How are the courses structured?

    The courses are structured as follows: there are video lectures paired with theory and exercises as lessons. There are multiple lessons per course. Course materials are all digital and completable online.

  • Free trial?

    The first section of a course is a free trial. This link is provided on the course page. This way you have a better idea of what to expect from our materials and teaching methods.

  • Enrollment procedure?

    The course will be delivered online via Thinkific. After checkout you will receive information by email about creating an account, so that you can start following the course whenever you like.

  • What is the pace?

    Purchased courses are self-paced. You decide when you want to follow a lesson. However, we do recommend you finish the course swift (but without haste) once started. So that you can start working on your financial independence as soon as possible.

  • What costs can I expect?

    • Course: this is a one-time purchase. Once bought, it's fully yours.
    • Community: this is a recurring membership with monthly billing. You can sign up/out whenever you want.

    Payment can be made through many methods: debit, credit, local and cryptos.

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    You can contact us via the contact page. Press here to go to the contact page.

    You can keep up to date with our news updates via the mailing list form below.

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