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Crash Course - Financial Independence

Crash Course - Financial Independence

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The goal of this course is to teach you basic and advanced financial principles. These are implementable in your daily life so that you can improve managing your personal finances, now and in the future. Learn how to make a financial position, accumulate assets and much more. 

This is the beginning of your journey towards financial independence.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to financial freedom. 


All materials of this course bought from our store ( are online on the Thinkific platform. The crash course is fully self-paced and contains around 5-8 hours of content, with a strong focus on quality information about different aspects of achieving financial independence. See detailed overview below.


Delivery happens automatically and instantly after fulfillment of the order - straight to your mailbox. Purchase the course via this store and it will automatically integrate with Thinkific (see instant delivery below). Once bought, its yours.

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Invest in your financial literacy, for the price of eating out.

Traditional education does not teach financial literacy. Financial education is getting more important and the need to manage personal finances is rising. Get a grip on your future through our course and start learning financial literacy today.

Course Overview

About us / course

The course contains video lessons, theory, exercises and templates. In this section we tell you all about our story and the course we have made. There will be a quiz to test your knowledge as well - Included in free preview


Before we start, we give you an introduction of your financial independence journey and how the course is structured - Included in free preview

Lesson 1: Financial Position

In the first lesson about the financial position we dive into the balance, budget and net worth. We explore why these are crucial as a base for everyone on the road to financial independence.

Lesson 2: Optimization

In this lesson we explore how we can optimize the financial position by looking at our income and expenditure streams. The goal is to learn you how to build a solid base for investments.

Lesson 3: Investing

In the third lesson we look at the future, this is done by learning about investing strategies for financial independence + high quality asset types to invest in.

Lesson 4: Wrap up & Mindset

In the last lessons we wrap up and share motivational thoughts for your path towards financial independence. Last but not least, there are some final remarks.

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  • Free preview

    The free preview includes access to the first two modules of the course: (1) About and (2) Introduction. There will be videos, theory and exercises for you to get a clear idea about our financial independence course. To access the free preview, go to the link below, create an account and simply open the free preview.

    Go to Mammoth Finance on Thinkific 
    • Our mission is to help people achieve true financial freedom through education of financial literacy.

    • We're grateful to have received positive reviews from those who have taken our course.
    • And we hope that their stories will inspire you to take control of your own financial future.
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    The first section of a course is a free trial. This link is provided on the course page (see above). This way you have a better idea of what to expect from our materials and teaching methods.

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    The course can be purchased directly through Mammoth Finance (this website), or through Thinkific. It does not matter where it is purchased, however we have many more payment methods available in this store, including faster support with orders if needed.

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